2 Send us your Mock Up Designs
Por: César León En: mayo 19, 2020

A website mock up is a static design, created to show your client the overall look and feel of their new website. Providing a website mock up is a great way to submit your design for approval to your customer/client. Adobe Photoshop is a quick and easy tool for creating your design, while also providing an efficient way of making revisions or rearranging your design with little effort. Fireworks is another program that can be used for creating your website mockup. Whichever one you choose, should be based on your personal experience and preferences.

Mockup for website, why do you need it?
Of course, when you develop a product you will have a wireframe. The prototype is optional, however, a Mockup web design is a must. Why? Lets ponder how to make a website mockup and gain advantages that the Mockup creation brings to designers and a product owner.

when you have your mockup about how you want your website or your customers’ website to look, you send it to us and we make it happen